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Enemy at the Gates Guderian's Blitzkrieg II
Tunisia Hube's Pocket
DAK II Burma
Sicily Korea
Baltic Gap Case Blue
The Blitzkrieg Legend Reluctant Enemies
Korea v2 Tunisia II
Beyond the Rhine Sicily II
Smolensk Hungarian Rhapsody
The Third Winter Crimea

Series Rules

Version 4.3 Rules Version 4.2 Rules
Version 4.3 Tables Version 4.2 Tables

OCS Consolidated Errata, Clarifications, Dean's 'Gamey or Not' List, and House Rules

OCS Series Errata

Misc Counter Fixes for OCS Games

Turn Checklist

OCS Dice Roller App courtesy of Philip Lauffenburger

Version 4.1a Rules Detailed Turn Sequence
Version 4.1a Tables Generic Dumps Record
Version 3.1 Rules OCS Example of Play
Version 3.0 Tables OCS Unit Value Calculation
Version 3.0 Index OCS 4.0 Aide Application
Version 3.1/3.0 Errata  

Enemy at the Gates

Enemy at the Gates

Enemy at the Gates Specific Rules

Enemy at the Gates Errata

Enemy at the Gates Combined OB Holding Boxes

Perry Andrus' Notes

Some thoughts from Rod Miller

Guderian's Blitzkrieg II

2nd Edition Specific Rules

2nd Edition Scenarios

2nd Edition Errata

Axis Revised OOA from GBII Reprint

Russian Revised OOA from GBII Reprint

GBII-CB Linkage Patch

Front Reserve Boxes Play Aids

GB-CB PlayAids

  1st Edition Specifc Rules


Tunisia Specific Rules

Tunisa Errata

Tunisia Combined OB Holding Boxes

Tunisia Revised Order of Arrival

Tunisia Scenario 3 Setup

Tunisia Scenario 3 Setup (Revised OB/OOA)

Hube's Pocket


Hube's Pocket Specific Rules

Hube's Pocket Errata

Hube's Pocket Combined OB Holding Boxes



DAKII Specific Rules (1 of 3)

DAKII Specific Rules (2 of 3)

DAKII Specific Rules (3 of 3)

DAKII Errata

Pictorical OOB for Allied and Axis

DAKII Updated Logistics Chart


DAK Specific Rules (1 of 3)

DAK Specific Rules (2 of 3)

DAK Specific Rules (3 of 3)

DAK Errata

DAK Combined OB Holding Boxes

DAK Combined Airstrip Holding Boxes

DAK Turn Record Chart

DAK Axis Charts

DAK Charts

DAK Replay



2nd Edition Specific Rules

2nd Edition Terrain Chart

Burma Errata

Yunnan Module

Yunnan Map

1st Edition Specific Rules

Burma Errata



Sicily Specific Rules

Sicily Errata

Sicily Terrain Chart

Sicily PBEM Notes



Korea Specific Rules

Korea Tables

Korea Errata

Korea TEC

Korea Terrain Key

Korea Additional Charts


Baltic Gap


Baltic Gap Specific Rules

Baltic Gap Errata

Baltic Gap Bonus Scenario Pack

Baltic Gap Operations Article

Baltic Gap Campaign Notes

Case Blue


Case Blue Specific Rules

Case Blue Errata

Axis Revised OOA from GBII Reprint

Russian Revised OOA from GBII Reprint

Bonus Scenario Pack for Case Blue

Chir Battles for Case Blue

Stalingrad Relief Effort for Case Blue

Case Blue Map Layout

The Blitzkrieg Legend


The Blitzkrieg Legend Specific Rules

The Blitzkrieg Legend Errata

Reluctant Enemies


Reluctant Enemies Specific Rules

Reluctant Enemies Errata

Reluctant Enemies Play Aid

OCS Starter Guide

Korea v2


Korea Specific Rules

Korea Errata

Tunisia II


Tunisia II Specific Rules

Tunisia II Allied Arrival

Tunisia II Axis Arrival

Tunisia II Errata

Beyond the Rhine


Beyond the Rhine Specific Rules

Beyond the Rhine Allied Tables

Beyond the Rhine Axis Tables

Beyond the Rhine Errata

Sicily II


Sicily II Specific Rules

Sicily II Errata

Learning the Ropes (updated)

Landing Craft Article



Smolensk Specific Rules

Smolensk Errata

Hungarian Rhapsody


Hungarian Rhapsody Specific Rules

Hungarian Rhapsody Errata

The Third Winter


The Third Winter Specific Rules

The Third Winter Scenario Book

The Third Winter Errata (25 Jan 22)



Crimea Specific Rules

Crimea Playbook

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