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The Tactical Combat Series (TCS) contains realistic, playable games of specific World War II actions. The game system was designed to handle two roughly regiment-sized forces, in battles lasting a day or two. The system’s emphasis is on command and combined-arms effects, with a relatively simple set of combat and movement systems. The combat command rules impose realistic limits on the player’s ability to rapidly change missions, without burdening a player with cumbersome detail. TCS was about to be retired, but we believe there may be demand to support smaller print runs, in a ziplock format. We intend to print one game to evaluate demand for TCS. The series may continue if sales show it to be economically viable.
A Frozen Hell
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A Frozen Hell

Finland 1939: In late 1939, the Soviet Union invaded Finland precipitating the Winter War. Vastly out-numbered, high quality Finnish troops fought...more info

Ariete: The Battle of Bir el Gubi, Libya (TCS)

Ariete is a Tactical Combat Series (TCS) game covering the Italian Ariete Division’s defense of Bir el Gubi, Libya, on November 19, 1941. The...more info

Bloody Ridge (bagged)

Bloody Ridge is a small, low counter density addition to the award winning Tactical Combat Series (TCS) by The Gamers and designed by...more info
Goose Green (bagged)Goose Green (bagged)

Goose Green (bagged)

Goose Green is a Tactical Combat Series (TCS) game covering the first land battle of the Falklands War on May 28, 1982. The outcome of this...more info
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