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Series Rules

Standard Basic Rules 1.4

Standard Charts & Tables 1.4

Standard Basic Rules 1.0 (Spanish)

Standard Basic Rules 1.0 (Japanese)

Standard Charts & Tables (Japanese)

Game Specific Rules

Stonewall Jackson's Way (Japanese)

Here Come the Rebels (Japanese)

Stonewall in the Valley (Japanese)

Stonewall's Last Battle (Japanese)

On to Richmond (Japanese)

Grant Takes Command (Japanese)

Burnside Takes Command (Japanese)


Atlanta Is Ours

Battle Above the Clouds

Grant Takes Command

On to Richmond

Roads to Gettysburg

Roads to Gettysburg II

Stonewall Jackson's Way II

Stonewall's Last Battle

The Skirmisher

Player Aids

Battle Above the Clouds Charts & Tables (with errata)

Battle Above the Clouds Player Aids

GCACW Player Aids

Index of Articles in General Magazine

On to Richmond auxiliary Charts and Tables (by Jay Meyers)

Union Strategy Article for On to Richmond (by Ed Beach)


New Scenarios

Piedmont (Stonewall in the Valley with Grant Takes Command Counters)

On the 4th Day (Roads to Gettysburg)

Bath (Stonewall in the Valley)

New Market (Stonewall in the Valley)

Kelly's Ford (Stonewall's Last Battle)

Gaines Mill (On to Richmond)

Modified Scenarios

Cedar Mountain (Stonewall Jackson's Way)

Jackson's March (Stonewall Jackson's Way)

Harper's Ferry / Crampton Gap (Here Come the Rebels)

McClellan's Opportunity (Here Come the Rebels)

Modified Meade Moves North (Roads to Gettysburg)

Meade Moves North (Roads to Gettysburg)

New Campaigns

Long Roads to Gettysburg (rules to link multiple games)

Long Roads to Gettysburg Player Aids

Long Roads to Gettysburg Charts

Long Roads to Gettysburg Calculator (Supply, Losses, VP, and Turn Track)

Roads to Gettysburg Eastern Add-on Map

Roads to Antietam (rules to link games for 1662 grand campaign)

Long Roads to Richmond (rules to link On to Richmond and Stonewall in the Valley)

New Modules

The 1864 Shenandoah Valley Campaign

Sheridan Counters (Used with Shenandoah Valley Campaign)


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