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We have posted on our new website the existing errata to the Advanced Squad Leader Rule Book (2nd Edition) for Chapters A-K & W [ not including material already corrected in printed Replacement pages issued in previous products], most of which was previously listed in our old website.
We intend to supplement this with the existing errata for the various Historical ASL modules, as well as for scenarios, counters, and other items.  Thanks for your patience.

ASLRB Errata (May 2023), A-K and W

ASL Scenario Errata (Nov 2023)

ASL Scenario Balance Errata (Nov 2023)

ASL HASL Errata (Feb 2024)

Twilight of the Reich Errata (March 2024)


Sticky errata

Some have of the errata below has been converted to allow you to print it out on adhesive-backed paper, cut it out, and "stick" it in your rulebook over the areas in question. The fonts and font size have been duplicated in each instance to allow the cut out corrections to be placed on top of the initial errors. A description of the errata is listed first, followed by the corrected area intended for cutting out (i.e., the rule section as it should now read). Because some of the errata threw off the existing formatting in some areas, some additional material has been reformatted and provided to make sure that all the material fits in the proper space (e.g., B8.61-.63). Please take care to cut as close to the text as possible before applying these in your ASLRB.

Errata Published in ASL Journal #3

Errata Published in ASL Journal #4, #5, and #6

Overlay Bundle Errata - 8/8/23

Replacement Pages

2006 ASLRB Replacement Pages from Armies of Oblivion

AP4 Errata Pages





Game Aids

Campaign Game Purchase Record Sheet

Corrected Deluxe ASL Overlays

Festung Budapest Chapter H Supplement

Festung Budapest Debris & Rubble Counters

Festung Budapest Player Aid Card v2

Festung Budapest Revised Scenario FB18 Red Banner Days

Festung Budapest Terrain Chart v2

Reid Hutchinson's ASL Armory Pages

SK-Style Board 42 Corrected Wall Overlay

Tommy Atkins at War

Valor of the Guards Solitaire ASL


ASL Action Pack #1

Scenarios from ASL Classic 

Provence Pack Scenarios

ASLEU Roma 2024 Scenarios


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