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Arracourt Valley of Tears

Series Rules

BCS Series Rules v2.0 BCS Series Rules v1.2
BCS Series Support Booklet v2.0 BCS Charts and Tables v1.2
BCS Series Charts and Tables v2.0 BCS Crib Notes v1.2
  BCS Series Rules v1.1
ALL BCS Errata (Series and Game) BCS Charts and Tables v1.1
Series Rules Errata BCS Crib Notes v1.1


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BCS Series rules v2.0 in Spanish by Jose Antonio Polo Polo

BCS Series Tables v2.0 in Spanish by Jose Antonio Polo Polo

BCS Series Support Book in Spanish by Jose Antonio Polo Polo

BCS Official Variants and Optionals

BCS Dice Roller App courtesy of Philip Lauffenburger

Last Blitzkrieg

Last Blitzkrieg Specific Rules

Last Blitzkrieg Errata

Axis Charts and Tables

Allied Charts and Tables

Terrain-Weather Play Aid

Counter Tray Layout

Loss Charts

HQ Display Cards by Paul Billings

LB Scenario Add Ons

LB Tables Add Ons

LB German OOA Add Ons

LB Allied OOA Add Ons

LB List of Village and City Hexes

More Bulge

New LB Counters in BC and PLS

Baptism by Fire

Baptism by Fire Specific Rules

Baptism by Fire Errata

New BbF Counters in BC

Brazen Chariots

Brazen Chariots Specific Rules

Brazen Chariots Errata

BC Air and Repl Tables

BC Abbreviations List

HQ Display Cards by David Gross

Extra Counters in BC

Panzers Last Stand


Panzers Last Stand Specific Rules

Panzers Last Stand Errata

Axis Player Book

Soviet Player Book

Axis Player Display

Soviet Player Display

HQ Display Cards by David Gross



Arracourt Specific Rules

Arracourt Errata

HQ Display Cards by David Gross

Valley of Tears


Valley of Tears Specific Rules

Valley of Tears Errata

Valley of Tears Player Notes

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