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Bloody 110 GD 40
GD 41 Objective Schmidt
Omaha Matanikua
Leros Hunters from the Sky
A Raging Storm A Frozen Hell
Black Wednesday Semper Fi
Screaming Eagles in Holland Bloody Ridge
Force Eagle's War GD 42
Canadian Crucible Ariete
Goose Green  

Series Rules

4.02 Series Rules 4.02 Series Rules - Italian
4.02 Charts and Tables 4.02 Series Rules - Spanish
Series Errata Lee's YouTube TCS Tutorials
  Op Sheet Symbols


4.0 Series Rules - French Ops Article on TCS Manuever #1
LOS Calculator (Excel) Ops Article on TCS Manuever #2
LOS Calculator (Excel) Ops Article on TCS Unit Values
How to PBEM TCS Ops Article on TCS Op Sheets

Ops Article on TCS 3.1 to 4.0 Changes

3.1 Series Rules

3.1 Series Charts and Tables

Bloody 110

Bloody 110 Game Specific Rules

Counter Manifest

B110 v4.0 Rules Update

B110 v4.0 German Morale Charts

B110 v4.0 US Morale Charts

GD 40

GD '40 Specific Rules

GD '40 Op Sheet

GD40 v4.0 Rules Update

GD40 v4.0 French Morale Charts

GD40 v4.0 German Morale Charts

GD 41

GD '41 Game Specific Rules

GD41 v4.0 Rules Update

GD41 v4.0 German Morale Charts

GD41 v4.0 Soviet Morale Charts

Objective Schmidt


Objective Schmidt Game Specific Rules


Op Sheet

Updated Map

Updated Game Package (Rules, PAC, etc.)

Updated German Counters

Updated US Counters 

OS v4.0 Rules Update

OS v4.0 German Morale Charts

OS v4.0 US Morale Charts 



Omaha Game Specific Rules

Omaha v3.1 Adaptation

v3.1 Bn Morale Boxes

OMH v4.0 Rules Update

OMH v4.0 German Morale Charts

OMH v4.0 US Morale Charts



Matanikau Game Specific Rules

Ops Sheet

MAT v4.0 Rules Update

MAT v4.0 Japanese Morale Charts

MAT v4.0 US Morale Charts



Leros Game Specific Rules

Errata - Sept 2010

Ops Sheet

Northern Ops Sheet

Turn Record Track

TEC + British Morale Charts

TEC + German Morale Charts

Leros v4.0 Rules Update

Hunters From the Sky


Hunters from the Sky Game Specific Rules


Ops Sheet

HFTS v4.0 Rules Update

A Raging Storm


A Raging Storm Game Specific Rules


ARS v4.01 Rules Update

ARS v4.01 German Morale Charts

ARS v4.01 British Morale Charts

A Frozen Hell


A Frozen Hell Game Specific Rules

AFH v4.0 Rules Update

AFH v4.0 Soviet Morale Chart

Black Wednesday


Black Wednesday Game Specific Rules

Ops Sheet

BW v4.0 Rules Update

BW v4.0 Axis Morale Charts

BW v4.0 Soviet Morale Charts

Semper Fi


Semper Fi! Game Specific Rules

Turn Record Chart

Fox Hill Play Aid

USMC Morale Boxes

NKPA & Chicom Morale Boxes

SF v4.0 Rules Update

SF v4.0 NKPA & Chicom Morale Charts

SF v4.0 USMC Morale Charts

Screaming Eagles in Holland


Screaming Eagles in Holland Game Specific Rules

Ops Sheet

Tables (jpg)

SEIH v4.0 Rules Update

SEIH v4.0 German Morale Chart

SEIH v4.0 Allied Morale Charts

Bloody Ridge


Bloody Ridge Game Specific Rules

Ops Sheet

BR v4.0 Rules Update

Force Eagle's War



GD 42


GD 42 Game Specific Rules

Ops Sheet - All Maps

Ops Sheet - N Map

Ops Sheet - S Map

Ops Sheet - W Map

Ops Sheet - W Map Modified

Terrain Chart

Full Color Map

Canadian Crucible


Canadian Crucible Game Specific Rules

Canadian Crucible Rules - Spanish

Ops Sheet

Minefield Front

Minefield Back

Canadian Reinforcements 5.7 CG

12SS Reinforcements 5.7 CG

Countersheet scan A

Countersheet scan B



Ariete Game Specific Rules

Ariete Rules - Spanish

Ops Sheet

Goose Green


Goose Green Game Specific Rules



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