Operational Combat Series

Operational Combat Series (OCS) games simulate campaign-level combat from 1900 to the mid-1950s. The series goal is to allow a sophisticated study of historical events while maintaining mechanical simplicity. Every facet of modern combat is modeled.
Baltic GapBaltic Gap
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Baltic Gap

Baltic Gap depicts the Soviet drive into Latvia, Estonia, and Lithuania during the summer of 1944. As the game begins, the defense of Vitebsk, a...more info
Beyond the RhineBeyond the Rhine
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Beyond the Rhine

Beyond the Rhine depicts the campaign for Northwest Europe from September 1944 to April 1945. It begins with the German Army reeling from a string of...more info
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Burma is the sixth game in the Operational Combat Series of games. Burma covers the 1944 campaigns beginning with the Japanese offensive...more info
Case BlueCase Blue
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Case Blue

From 1941 through 1943, Army Group South fought a campaign in southern Russia. Hitler issued goals that ranged from the far oil fields to a city on...more info


Crimea covers the series of campaigns in the Crimean Peninsula during the war on the Eastern Front. Several scenarios cover the period of Axis...more info
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DAK2 is a simulation covering the entire campaign in the Western Desert theater in World War II. It covers all the actions in Eastern Libya/Western...more info
Guderian's Blitzkrieg II (Reprint)Guderian's Blitzkrieg II (Reprint)
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Guderian's Blitzkrieg II (Reprint)

Guderian’s Blitzkrieg II depicts the German drive to capture Moscow in the fall of 1941 (Operation Typhoon) and the first Russian Winter...more info

Hungarian Rhapsody

Hungarian Rhapsody (HR) is an Operational Combat Series (OCS) game that depicts the Soviet 1944 drive into Hungary which led to the battle of...more info

Korea: The Forgotten War

The Korean War stands as a key event in world history. It is well-deserving of further study. The first shooting confrontation of the Cold War, and...more info

Operational Matters Volume 2 w/Luzon

Operational Matters Volume 2 w/Luzon is a 40 page magazine focused on players new to Operational Combat Series games. The eight articles...more info

Operational Matters: An OCS Guide w/ Sicily II

Operational Matters: An OCS Guide is a support booklet devoted to the Operational Combat Series. Editor Mark Milke has selected a nice mixture of...more info
Reluctant EnemiesReluctant Enemies
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Reluctant Enemies

Reluctant Enemies (“RE”) is small game meant to serve as an accessible introduction to the Operational Combat Series (“OCS”)....more info
Smolensk: Barbarossa Derailed-OCSSmolensk: Barbarossa Derailed-OCS
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Smolensk: Barbarossa Derailed-OCS

Smolensk: Barbarossa Derailed is the latest release in the Operational Combat Series (OCS), covering the campaign along the Moscow highway in the...more info
The Blitzkrieg Legend
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The Blitzkrieg Legend

The Blitzkrieg Legend simulates Case Yellow, the German offensive in May of 1940 that shocked the world. In less than a month's time it made...more info
The Forgotten BattlesThe Forgotten Battles

The Forgotten Battles

The Forgotten Battles (TFB) covers the key fighting between late September 1943 and April 1944 in the Army Group Center portion of the Russian front....more info
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The Third Winter

  The Third Winter (TTW) covers the critical campaigns in the Ukraine during the period September 1943 - April 1944. This massive series of...more info
Tunisia IITunisia II
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Tunisia II

Tunisia II is an Operational Combat Series game covering the campaign in Northwest Africa from November 1942 through May 1943. This new edition is...more info

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