Line of Battle

The Line of Battle Series represents the next generation of ACW game design. All the unit rosters and paperwork that interfered with the fighting is gone. The typical (and time consuming) multiple fire phases have all been integrated into movement so the action is non-stop.
Last Chance for VictoryLast Chance for Victory
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Last Chance for Victory

Last Chance for Victory is the next entry in The Gamers’ Line of Battle series (LoB) which simulates the Battle of Gettysburg. It is the second...more info
None But HeroesNone But Heroes
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None But Heroes

In September of 1862, after months of uninterrupted and spectacular successes, Robert E. Lee's Army of Northern Virginia was poised to win the...more info

To Take Washington

To Take Washington is a new Line of Battle (LoB) series game covering Jubal Early’s campaign during the summer of 1864. From June into July,...more info

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