Doomed Battalions is available for preorder!

Doomed Battalions is available for preorder!

Doomed Battalions 4th ed. is now available for preorder!

Doomed Battalions is the Allied Minors Extension to the Advanced Squad Leader game system.

This new Fourth Edition (DB4) expands on the Third (which itself included The Last Hurrah and eight other scenarios when it was released in 2009) with the addition of eight more out-of-print Allied Minor scenarios previously published elsewhere by Avalon Hill and MMP.

Existing errata for all 32 scenarios have been incorporated, and some of the scenarios have been updated to correct issues of balance. This edition also showcases a complete revamp of the artwork for all Allied Minor units, vehicles, and weapons on four countersheets, including the addition of new MMC types for the Poles. 

DB4 also comes with the new rules for late-war SS, Polish MMC, Rail Cars, and Debris (originally issued in Twilight of the Reich), an updated National Capabilities Chart (complete with all those MMC types), and an updated Chapter B Terrain Chart, including new entries for the new terrain. 

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