Reluctant Friends, Bitter Enemies

Reluctant Friends, Bitter Enemies

No, this isn't a repeat of yesterday's announcement, it's not Groundhog Day. We have another new product available for preorder.


Reluctant Friends Bitter Enemies: the Battle for Sicily 1943 is a new design from Ken Dunn. In this 2- or 3-player game, players take on the roles of the Axis commander, the American commander, and the Commonwealth commander. The American/Commonwealth objective is to either reach the port city of Messina first, and as the Axis, to preserve your forces to fight another day by escaping the island.

The game uses cards drawn each turn to provide the impetus to move or attack or play events. The three players are presented with a wide range of choices detailing the actual events surrounding the Battle for Sicily. Only one of the three players—American, Commonwealth, or Axis (or Allies versus Axis in the two-player version)—will be declared the victor.

It’s up to each player to determine how best to stop the other two, either through maneuver, outright combat, or play of events that either help one side or hurt another. While no combat is allowed between the Allies, there are alternative means of hindering the other side’s forward progress.


You can read more on the game, and place a preorder on the Reluctant Friends, Bitter Enemies preorder page on our website.