Update on Dean Essig

Update on Dean Essig


We just wanted to give everyone an update on Dean Essig's health, given with permission of his family.

We have recently received word that Dean has been moved to hospice. Unfortunately, the cancer which caused his stroke/brain-bleed continues to spread despite treatment, so Dean and his family have decided that quality of life is more important at this stage than the continued aggressive treatments which have little chance of positive results.

While hospice is not always a final stop, and we want to remind everyone of that, it seems pretty clear that Dean will not be able to continue to work on various Gamers games. We are praying for positive results, but we need to prepare for the worst case scenario. 

We have asked Carl Fung - a long time friend of Dean, and someone very well versed in the Gamers line of games -  to take over project management of The Gamers line of series and games, working with the teams Dean has put together.

Thankfully for MMP, Carl has accepted. We were already quite impressed with the competence of Carl and his historical research abilities as demonstrated on many, many games.

Carl will also be honchoing both the Battalion Combat Series and the Line of Battle Series, in addition to the "project management" of the other honcho-led series (OCS, SCS, TCS). We will have a further update on ‘the State of the Gamers’ probably within a month or so, giving Carl a chance to get up to speed on current status.

So while we all hope and pray that Dean recovers, we feel like we're well prepared to move the Gamers lines of games ahead and keep producing fantastic titles.

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