A message from Multi-Man Publishing

A message from Multi-Man Publishing

Those of you who have attended one of our Winter Offensive game conventions in the past likely already know that we are strong supporters of the World War II Foundation and the work that they do -


The World War II Foundation produces educational documentary films, based on individual personal stories from the war. These documentaries are filmed in the locations where the action took place, and often include taking a veteran or a survivor to the location where their own individual story began and ended.


At Multi-Man Publishing, we understand the importance of making these films, and of getting these first-hand accounts while it’s still possible. The ‘Greatest generation’ is all but lost to us now.


At our Winter Offensive conventions, we donate registration fees and raffle ticket sales  to the Foundation, as well as a portion of Winter Offensive Bonus Pack sales.


Below is an email recently sent by the Foundation giving a list of their accomplishments. We wanted to share this with you, so you know how your contributions via Winter Offensive are helping the World War II Foundation’s work:


Did you know?

-World War II Foundation films rank in the top-5 of most requested programs nationally by PBS affiliates?


-That World War II Foundation films also air globally in most European and Far East nations. 


-That The World War II Foundation‘s International Museum of World War II has recently been labeled as having the “most comprehensive collection of WWII artifacts in the United States.”


-The World War II Foundation is about to start work on its 35th film for American Public Television/PBS. 


-The World War II Foundation is the World leader in the production of on-location WWII Virtual Reality films which air globally on Oculus TV and YouTubeVR. 


-The World War II Foundation is about to launch a first-of-its-kind global App for viewers focused on our free content, from our documentaries to additional WWII content. The App will be available on Smart TVs, as well as all forms of digital media.


-That The World War II Foundation has some of the most well-known narrators around for its films, including, just recently, adding Kevin Bacon to the list. The list also includes Jim Nantz, Gary Sinise, Tom Brokaw, and many other notable names. 


-The World War II Foundation is the only non-profit to take aspiring college filmmakers and historians on a yearly trip to Europe to assist in the production of an actual WWII documentary film.


-That the World War II Foundation’s podcast From the Front to the Films is ranked 16th in the top 20 best war-related podcasts in the United States.


-That each year The World War II Foundation presents the Senator Bob Dole World War II Leadership Award in Washington, DC. 


Thank you for taking the time to read this message.


Multi-Man Publishing