New preorder alert!

New preorder alert!

We have a new preorder! OCS Crimea is now on our website and available for preorder. 

Crimea covers the series of campaigns in the Crimean Peninsula during the war on the Eastern Front. Several scenarios cover the period of Axis ascendancy during the period September 1941 – July 1942. The Soviet resurgence is represented by scenarios from September 1943 – May 1944. 

Crimea is a low-counter density, small OCS game that comes with 560 combat units, and one 22x34 map at a scale of 5-mile hex/3.5 days turn. With one map, it's excellent for those who are challenged for gaming space. Seven scenarios are included so players can start at different points in the action.

Read all the info, and place your preorder on the OCS Crimea preorder page.