Three new preorders!

Three new preorders!

Three new preorder items!

We've placed three new items on our preorder page - one new Tactical Combat Series game, a reprint of an SCS game, and a reprint of our OCS magazine with a game.

First, there's TCS Goose Green, which covers the first land battle of the Falklands War, May 28, 1982. Goose Green covers this entire battle in turns representing 20-30 minutes each, and a map scale of 125 yards per hex. Goose Green will be a bagged game, as with TCS Ariete;

Next, a reprint of the popular Standard Combat Series game Rostov '41, which covers the effort by Army Group South to take Rostov in the late fall of 1941. Rostov ‘41 covers all this swirling mobile action in turns representing 3 to 6 days and at a map scale of 2.5 miles per hex;

And finally, a reprint of  Operational Matters, with the Operational Combat Series game Sicily II, which covers the amphibious landings on Sicily in 1943. Sicily II is played on a map at 3.5 miles per hex, and two turns per week.

You can get more information on these games, and place an order on our Preorder page.