MMP 2023 Production Forecast

MMP 2023 Production Forecast

Here is the MMP Anticipated 2023 Production List, released January 29, 2023:

Advanced Squad Leader

- The Winter Offensive Bonus Pack #14 (2023) has been released;
- The Sainte-Mère-Église HASL is shipping to preorders;
- The Marco Polo Bridge HASL will go on preorder;
- ASL Journal 14 will be released 1st quarter;
- Ponyri HASL will go on preorder;
- Contested Lands module (1948 Arab-Israeli conflict) will go on  preorder;
- A reprint of Armies of Oblivion will go on preorder;
- We are working on a reprint of Solitaire ASL;
- Doomed Battalions will go on reprint;
- Twilight of the Reich, a boxed ASL module, will go on preorder.

ASL Starter Kit

- ASLSK Marco Polo Bridge HASL will go on preorder. Ownership of ASLSK4 will be required to play;
- An ASLSK magazine should be released;

- ASLSK Expansio Pack 3 wii be released.

Battalion Combat Series

- Valley of Tears will go on preorder.

Great Campaigns of the American Civil War

- On to Richmond II will be released;
- Skirmisher 4 is planned for preorder and release.

Grand Tactical Series

- Work will continue on the reprint of The Devil's Cauldron;
- The GTS Magazine 'GTS Briefings' will be released;
- GTS The Greatest Day: Utah Beach will be released.

International Game Series

- Storm Over Jerusalem will be released;
- Crown & Crescent is on preorder;

Line of Battle

- No Turning Back: The Wilderness will go on preorder.

Operational Combat Series

- Crimea will go on preorder;
- Operational Matters 2, with a game on Luzon, will go on preorder;
- a reprint of Operational Matters, with OCS Sicily II, will go on preorder.

Standard Combat Series

- Ardennes II is on preorder;
- a reprint of Rostov '41 will go on preorder.

Tactical Combat Series

- Goose Green will go on preorder. It will be a bagged game, like Ariete.