Update on FIMS shipping...

Update on FIMS shipping...

We have seen positive results with customers using FedEx International Mail Service (FIMS) shipments. Because of these results, we are expanding our use of FIMS for our international customers. Going forward, these are the restrictions for using FIMS as a delivery option.

The package declared value must be $400 or less.

The weight of the shipment must be 40lb or less.

Due to package size restrictions, FIMS orders may be split into more than one physical package. Each package would have an individual declared value, shipping label and tracking number. The determination on whether to use more than one package will be made when the order is shipped. If your order is split into more than one package, your shipping charge will not change.

If you have a current preorder that is not using FIMS and you want to change your shipping option to FIMS, you will need to contact the office and cancel your preorder and then place a new preorder that uses FIMS for the shipping option. Because of how our website calculates shipping, we are not able to change the shipping option on your existing preorder. If you decide to place a new preorder with FIMS shipping, your “place in line” will change once we start shipping the preorder item.

It is essential that you contact the office to cancel the preorder you want to change. If you don’t contact the office to cancel the preorder, you will receive 2 copies because you will have placed 2 preorders.

Since USPS has not restored delivery service to Australia or New Zealand, if you are a customer in Australia or New Zealand and already have a preorder for Hollow Legions in our system, we will be shipping your preorder via FIMS. You will not need to do anything for this to happen.

Since FIMS is a weight-based shipping option, it may not be cheaper than USPS Priority International once packages exceed a certain weight. Our shopping cart will display all possible shipping options as well as cost when you checkout.