A Note about Preorders and New Features

A Note about Preorders and New Features

One Note About Preorders
We also wanted to let customers know one change with how our new site is processing preorders.  When you place a preorder, our site generates a security token with our credit card processor to securely handle your credit card information.  As part of this process, your card information is validated, and the order is processed as an authorization.  You are not actually billed during this process but may see this on your account as a “pending” transaction.  After the authorization is confirmed, the pending transaction is voided and will drop off your account.  Depending on your bank, this could take 24-48 hours.
Your preorders are not actually charged (authorized and captured funds) until we are shipping the item.


Here are some new features on our new site that we wanted to point out.

Shipping Choices
Our new website provides customers with the ability to select different shipping options for your orders.  Currently we use USPS and UPS for all our deliveries.  These choices will allow you to see the shipping charges and determine how you want your packages delivered.

Tracking Information
One of the big improvements with our site is customers will receive a shipping notice via email that contains shipping and tracking information about their orders once an order is packed and shipped.  You can also find the shipping information and tracking number on the order in your account history.

More Images
We now have the ability to add more images to each product on our site.  This will give you more information about our products when you are browsing our site.

Mobile Friendly
Our site is built on a dynamic system that adjusts to the device that you are using, so if you are using your phone or your computer the site should be easier to view.