Welcome to our new site!

Welcome to our new site!

We wanted to let everyone know that we have been working hard behind the scenes to launch a new website.  The new website has a more modern look that should be easier for our customers to use on all devices (computers, tablets, and phones).  This new site also allows us to improve and streamline our internal business processes, which should help our customers as well.  In addition to being more modern, the new site will allow customers to receive email updates when orders are processed and shipped.  You will receive with each order an email containing your shipping provider and a tracking number for your shipment.  The tracking information will also be accessible from your account on the website.

To keep the new site as clean and secure as possible, we are not importing customer information or order history from our old site.  After evaluating the data in our previous site and evaluating how it would impact our new site going forward, we decided it would not work to import the old data.  One factor was that many customers had challenges with their accounts on our previous site. Not importing that data was the best way to ensure the performance and stability of the new site remains high.  All customers will need to create an account on our new site.

 We have updated the preorder counts on the new site to reflect all the existing orders. Your existing preorders are still valid but have not been moved to the new site.  We will still be able to process those preorders once we are shipping those items, but you will not be able to see those preorders in your order history on the new site.  If you need to update anything with an existing preorder, please contact the office directly, and we can update the information for you. 

 You do not need to do anything, but if you want to see your existing preorders on the new site, you will need to contact the office and have them cancel the existing preorder and then you will need to place a new preorder on the new site (which will change your place in the shipping queue) for each individual item.  If you do not contact the office to cancel preorders from the old site and place a new order for them, we will bill and ship both of the preorders.  If you do not want to see your current preorders, you will not need to redo any preorders that exist on our previous site.

We also wanted to make our site easier for customers to access, so our new site is .  Don’t worry, we are still using  and it will forward you to the new site address.  Our company contacts (emails and phone number) have not changed.  We will continue to update and improve this new site on an ongoing basis.  If you have any website issues, concerns, or bugs please email .


Thanks for your business!