ASL Core Modules

The ASL Core Modules provide mapboards, scenarios, Chapter H rules, and countersheets to play the nationalities of the major combatants in World War II.

Armies of OblivionArmies of Oblivion

Armies of Oblivion

This printing of Armies of Oblivion will be identical to the previous (2018) printing, but will include an updated set of replacement ASL Rule Book...more info
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ASL Map Bundle (Starter Kit Style)
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ASL Map Bundle (Starter Kit Style)

These are maps (1-52 from ASL, t-z from ASL Starter Kits #1-#3) of 8"x22" geomorphic mapboards for use with Advanced Squad Leader. These...more info

ASL Overlay Bundle

The Advanced Squad Leader Overlay Bundle  contains a re-printing of  every  overlay (on 37 cardstock sheets) issued by...more info
ASL Supplemental Map Bundle
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ASL Supplemental Map Bundle

The Supplemental Map Bundle contains 40 geomorphic ASL map boards, including every map board released after board 52 as well as map board 77 (which...more info
Beyond Valor, 3rd EditionBeyond Valor, 3rd Edition
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Beyond Valor, 3rd Edition

Beyond Valor is the first, and most important, of the Advanced Squad Leader modules. BV contains the German and Russian orders of battle from...more info

Croix de Guerre, 2nd Edition

CROIX DE GUERRE brings the French order of battle back into print and adds DINANT: ROMMEL AT THE MEUSE, the brand new Historical ASL campaign on the...more info

Deluxe ASL

Deluxe ASL is a map-and-scenario pack based on the boards and scenarios from Streets of Fire and Hedgerow Hell. Deluxe ASL includes: all eight...more info
Doomed Battalions 3rd EditionDoomed Battalions 3rd Edition
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Doomed Battalions 3rd Edition

Doomed Battalions (reprint) September 8, 1939... Barely a week into the invasion of Poland, German troops of the 4th Panzer Division were at the...more info
Doomed Battalions 4th EditionDoomed Battalions 4th Edition

Doomed Battalions 4th Edition

DOOMED BATTALIONS is the Allied Minors Extension to the ADVANCED SQUAD LEADER Game System . This new Fourth Edition (DB4) expands on the Third (which...more info
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Pre-order Price: $172.00  $129.00
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For King and Country

**This is for a reprint of For King and Country and will be fundamentallly identical the to 2011 version, described below. For King and Country...more info

Forgotten War

For the first time, an Advanced Squad Leader module steps outside of the traditional World War II era to bring you FORGOTTEN WAR, covering the Korean...more info

Hakkaa Päälle

This is a reprint of the 2015 printing (with a few minor errata corrections). Hakkaa Päälle! (Advanced Squad Leader Module 14) provides the...more info
Hollow LegionsHollow Legions
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Hollow Legions

August 12th, 1941... The 9th "Pasubio" Division's advance guard, the first element of the Italian Expeditionary Force in Russia to see...more info

Hollow Legions, 3rd Edition

This updated version of HOLLOW LEGIONS includes the complete contents of the original (the entire Italian order of battle and Italian Chapter...more info

Rising Sun

Rising Sun is Advanced Squad Leader’s long-awaited return to the jungles, islands, and atolls of the southwest Pacific. Multi-Man Publishing...more info
Solitaire Advanced Squad Leader (2nd Edition)
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Solitaire Advanced Squad Leader (2nd Edition)

Solitaire ASL has numerous charts and tables for "generating" enemy units, random events, and mapboard configurations. The highly detailed...more info
The Last HurrahThe Last Hurrah
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The Last Hurrah

September 1st, 1939... War had come to Europe again, and the Polish Army was fighting for survival as the Germans unveiled a new form of...more info

Twilight of the Reich

TWILIGHT OF THE REICH (TotR) takes Advanced Squad Leader players to the final stages of the war in the European theater, as 15 of its 17 scenarios...more info

Yanks Second Edition

This printing is the same as the 2016 printing. YANKS is back, and better than ever, as it now includes the essential elements of PARATROOPER and 24...more info

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