Two ASL Preorders!

Two ASL Preorders!

We have two new preorders this afternoon.

First, a reprint of the ASL core module Armies of Oblivion.

Next, hard on the heels of ASL Journal #13, comes ASL Journal #14.

ASL Journal 14: Aussie Special Edition is a 56-page magazine for Advanced Squad Leader that features articles, scenarios, and a Historical ASL Campaign Game completely authored and designed by our friends Down Under.

At the heart of J14 is the "Sparrow Force" HASL, featuring a map, mini-Campaign Game, and scenarios designed by Simon Spinetti and Andy Rogers (Hatten in Flames) covering the action between Australian and Japanese forces in and around the village of Babau on the island of Timor in 1942.

ASL Journal #14 also features numerous articles, and 24 Aussie-themed ASL Scenarios.

Full details on these products can be found on the Armies of Oblivion and ASL Journal #14 product pages.