2022 Production Forecast

2022 Production Forecast

This is our Production Forecast for 2022. These are the items we hope to put out this year, but nothing here is carved in stone for various reasons. 

Advanced Squad Leader

- Yanks will be released;

- Hell’s Corner (previously from Operations Special Edition #3, currently in the reprint of Rising Sun) will be released as a map/scenario pack;

- Sword and Fire: Manila will be released;

- The 2022 Winter Offensive Bonus Pack will be released;

- Updated Pocket Rulebook (including errata and Chapter F) will be released, as will Pocket Chapter H and Pocket Charts;

- The Normandy HASL – Drop Zone Sainte Mère Église – will go on preorder;

- Hakkaa Päälle reprint will go on preorder;

- The Marco Polo Bridge HASL will go on preorder. This may also be done as a Starter Kit HASL;

- The ASL Overlay Bundle will go on preorder;

- ASL Action Pack 15 (Swedish Volunteers) will be reprinted;

- ASL Journal 13 will be released.


ASL Starter Kit

- ASL Starter Kit #2 will be reprinted;

- ASL Starter Kit #3 will be reprinted.


Battalion Combat Series

- Arracourt will be released.


Great Campaigns of the American Civil War

- On to Richmond II will go on preorder;

- Skirmisher 3 will be released.


Grand Tactical Series

- Race for Bastogne will be released;

- The Devil's Cauldron reprint will be released;

- The GTS magazine – with Saar game – will go on preorder;

- Utah will go on preorder.


International Game Series

- Storm Over Jerusalem will go on preorder;

- A Victory Awaits will be released;

- A Warriors of God-type game on the War of the Roses will go on preorder;

- On to Japan (the Pacific campaign in WWII) will go on preorder. It will use a system similar to Avenge Pearl Harbor.


Operational Combat Series

- Crimea will go on preorder;

- An OCS magazine will be released. It will have a game on Luzon.



- The next Special Ops (with Blitzkrieg to Moscow 2) will be released


NOTE: There are other new games in development and playtesting in the SCS/TCS/BCS/LOB lines. Some of these may make it to preorder this year but it’s too early to say for certain, so they aren’t included in the forecast. Stay tuned for further details as the year progresses.